Monday, July 25, 2011

Too much sadness these days. I'm heart broken over the lost of so many young people in Norway. It's like a nightmare, you want to wake up but you can't, it's so real. When I start thinking about the pain of thoese parents who lost their children, my heart sinks in sorrow. For those parents this nightmare will last lifetime. The sorrow that rise from the unreturnable lost is like a cancer for the soul. Crazy man, if he believed in his ideology so strongly why he didn't die for it himself but he sacrificed others for his believes.  He was planing very carefully for 9 years. Why people find pleasure in planing evil? Sometimes I wonder why people have so much thrill in watching CSI, Criminal Mind,  or other series that in details explain the creativity of perfectly planed evil. We live in such a rotten world and the most rotten thing of all is the human heart. Now Anders Behring Breivik is well prepared and looking forward  to represent and defend his believes in public and on cord, throwing up all the madness from his twisted mind, but I think he should not be given that chance. Why should he have a chance to spread his evil idea publicly?...

It so sad when young people are dying. Last week a wonderful young girl in her early 20  from our church died losing her fight with cancer. She left a 4 year old son and grieving husband behind. Even do I know we will see her one day in haven, still, she will be missed.

Amy Winehouse was such a talented person. I highly respect her music and style. She had so much more  to give.

I don't want to write more about this.The sadness is overwhelming. I just wanted to post this short post in memorial of this young life's that didn't reach their fulness. You will be remembered.

A butterfly captures our hearts
from the moment they appear.
They are vibrant and graceful
as their presence lifts our spirits.
Gone much too soon,
they will never be forgotten.
A gift for such a little while,
your loss just seems so wrong,
you should not have left before us,
it’s with loved ones you belong.

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